Testicular Seminoma -USG,CT and MRI

USG – Homogenous hypoechoic mass    CT – Homogenous mass with slightly low attenuation CT – Para aortic lymphadenopahy   T2W MRI – Homogenous Low Signal Mass in left testis    T1W Post Contrast – Enhancement of septa of low signal mass   PET-CT Para aortic lymphadenopathy   DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS of testicular mass 1.Testicular Tumors 2.Testicular […]

CHEMICAL SHIFT MRI – Physics and Clinical Application

Chemical shift MRI utilises the difference in local environment of the proton. The proton in H2O is more exposed and free compared to the proton in lipid which is more protected by the electrons surrounding it. The water protons experience more magnetic field than the lipid protons.So the water proton resonate faster and the fat […]