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Splenosis is defined as the autotransplantation of splenic tissue resulting from the spillage of cells from the pulp of the spleen after splenic injury or splenectomy. Splenic implants are generally numerous, can be located anywhere in the peritoneal cavity, are supplied by arteries from the surrounding tissue rather than a hilar artery, have no particular shape, and have neither a hilus nor a normal capsule. Splenic implants located in the peritoneal cavity may be confused with renal neoplasms , abdominal lymphomas ,and endometriosis . If splenic rupture is associated with a diaphragmatic tear, the implants may seed the pleural cavity or pericardium , which causes intrathoracic splenosis.


CT – non enhanced shows round ,oval or irregular shaped multiple  masses .

CECT – Homogenous enhancement of all these masses

Ferumoxides-enhanced MRI as a novel technique for diagnosing splenosis

Radionuclide Imaging: Scintigraphy using Technetium-99m heat-damaged erythrocytes (RBC) or Indium 111-labeled platelets is more sensitive and specific for splenic uptake, making these tests the current diagnostic tools of choice.

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